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Barcode/QR Scanner 2016


Barcode/QR Scanner 2016/Scanners, including bar code decoding create QR!/Scanners, including bar code decoding create QR!Barcode and QR freeing turn your smartphone into a powerful tool to scan barcodes and data matrix code QR, open the app, point the camera at the code, and youre done.The camera uses a barcode reader on your phone, you can quickly scan the barcode and recognition.When shooting a QR Code is a code site URL will be automatically redirected to the site. If the code just contains text, you will notice immediately. For other formats, such as phone numbers, e-mail or call to take the appropriate action.Barcode and QR barcode reader is -UPC, EAN and ice and get information about a product that allows you to scan your research and find out where to buy the products you want.You can read the URL cough, email, contacts, calendars and much more with a single click using the smartphones camera image files online ID.After decoding, you will be taken to review the books, multimedia and website links to an online calendar.You can create your own QR code, bar code, and fast!Share with your friends through social networks, email, text messages, save or print later.